Unterstützte Funktionen







up to 200 checks

up to 2000 checks

up to 5000 checks

over 5000 checks


up to 20 hosts

up to 200 hosts

up to 500 hosts

over 500 hosts

SMS Gateway





Environment monitoring: smoke, water, humidity, temperature

Monitoring Engine





SNMP Trap Handler





Web 2.0 Transaction Monitoring





Business Process Monitoring





Background planned job monitoring (cron o at)











  • Email





  • SMS





  • Voice Call





High Availability










Asset Management










Dashboard / NagVis Service Level Agreements visualization





Google Map integration





Capacity Management





  • CPU Load





  • Memory





  • Disk usage





  • Disc I/O Read/Write





  • Performance   counter Windows





  • System Activity Linux





  • System Performance VMware





  • System Performance Switch,
    Router, Firewall





Audit Access Log - SYSLOG





  • Agent Safed for most common OS (Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Linux, AIX, Sun Solaris, HP-UX)





  • Safed: Windows Administrators Automatic Discovery





  • Safed: Client side object filter with regular expressions





  • Secure encrypted communication over TLS/SSL/HTTPS





  • Centralized configuration





  • Advanced search engine





  • Reporting module and reports scheduler





  • Log file integrity check





Network management





  • Bandwidth





  • Latency





  • Inbound-Outbound





  • Network traffic monitoring (NetFlow,


Security management





  • Integrated authentication  with Windows Active  Directory or LDAP





  • Definition of User/Profile  permission level





  • Network access control on  switch





  • Time based configuration of
    Network Access Control





  • NAC Network Access  Control with port blocking





  • VoIP support




  • Wireless support




  • Detection of abnormal  network activities




  • Proactive vulnerability scan




  • Isolation of problematic devices




  • Remediation to a captive  portal




  • Command-line and web  based management




  • Additional DHCP server  detection





Distributed monitoring










  • OTRS Service Desk




  • ITSM - IT Service  Management




  • CMDB





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